An Elegance Wine Bar in Athens

Good wine makes you feel good. Good wine bar makes you feel great. You will have dizziness because of the ambiance, not only a glass of wine.

A place that is decorated well with nice lighting and its ambiance with the silence accomplished by the lounge style music always makes feel good. The right lighting and the right music are the most important two critical elements to complete a glass of wine.

So, Vintage Bar Bistro is a great place that contains all these factors. If you are in Athens, if you love wine, if you want to do a Greek wine tasting and if you want to do all those in a place that will allow you to chat enjoyable, this place must be in the Athen’s things to do list.

Vintage’s cheese are special, you cannot find everywhere. For example; Saint Nectaire that is in the menü. It is produced only in France and it is very difficult to find even in another European country. Its production process is very tiring. Due to the maturing period it can take years or so. Cantal which is another French cheese is on the menu also. Both of these cheese were presented to the King of France xıv.Louis and took his appreciation. Just imagine ‘the love’ between these special cheeses and Greek wines on your roof of the mouth.

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Mitropoleos 66-68 Athens 10563 Greece